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St Nelly Sade And Keko Back In ‘Tukomyewo’

Hip Hop is one of the popular music genres many youth love and appreciate.  In Uganda, it has its local sub genre called Luga Flow (Luganda Flow) where artistes rap in the local language Luganda.

Luga Flow has its pioneers like St Nelly Sade, GNL Zamba, Babaluku, Abenganda Clan, Sylvester and Abramz to mention but a few. There are also artistes who rap in English like Keko, Navio, The Mith, Big Trill name them.

Recently there has been a debate in the media about Hip Hop not doing well and a section of people have come out to say that Ugandan Hip Hop and Luga Flow artistes have faded and others have quit music all together.

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St Nelly Sade and Keko dropped a new tune dubbed ‘Tukomyewo’

It’s because of this that two talented rappers ST Nelly Sade and Keko put their heads together and came up with a song dubbed ‘Tukomyewo’ meaning that ‘We are back’ in which they tell the public and their haters that they still do quality music.


Produced by Lawraid Vbyz of Urban Aksent studios- Ntinda, the track begins with a conversation in Luganda language between St Nelly Sade and Keko where Nelly Sade asks Keko of where she has been all along and how she was rumoured to be retired and tired. Keko replies that she has been doing music and is already international.

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St Nelly Sade and Kekeo droped a new song dubbed ‘Tukomyewo’

ST Nelly Sade then begins the first verse rapping as if he is a concerned fan who no longer hears the sweet and educative lyrics initial Lugaflow artistes used to sing to the youth and how they were good rappers long time but now no longer are.

He asks for the whereabouts of the real Luga Flow rappers who disappeared and how they are sick and tired of the current ones.

Keko comes in the second verse dissing those on the streets talking ill about them and she tells them she doesn’t care but instead she is still walking. She adds singing how her name appears in a lot of conversations and people putting false allegations against her and finally concludes her verse saying that these same allegations get her losing patience although some people look at her and wonder how she does it.

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Hip Hop artiste Keko

Nelly Sade comes back in the 3rd verse challenging all the haters that however much they thought they faded away, they are still in existence and they are the four main pillars that support a house and how Uganda’s Hip Hop has never died and concludes his verse saying that they were there before and are still there to date.

Listen To Tukomyewo by St Nelly Sade and Keko below

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