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Star Profile: All You Need To Know About The Kinetic Group Boss ‘Cedric Babu’

Cedric Babu is a son to Capt Francis Babu and Olive Kigongo. He comes off as a free spirited person that is easy going and enjoys every moment of his life.

Born in Kenya on August 31, 1976, he has 6 siblings. He went to prep school at Kenton college in Nairobi then returned to St Mary’s Kisubi college but completed his A level at Makerere college school.

After that he was awarded a tennis scholarship to the USA in Florida for college at *Bethin Cookman University where he studied business administration. He studied his post graduate degree in computer and information systems in Northern Ireland, University of Ulster* after completion, he obtained is first job at an IT company named Fijitsu where his duties were simply Computer science related, on why he left so soon, all he could say was imply he was unemployable.

The amazing journey of Cedric Babu

The amazing journey of Cedric Babu

He describes his childhood as a happy one. His parents provided for their every need and one could also say they had a privileged life style. His parents showed enormous presence
during their upbringing until later on when they separated.

When it comes to his close family, he talked about his 3 sons that he clearly adores and won’t hesitate to share pictures with us but chooses to refrain from questions about their mother.

For his hobbies or whatever free time he has he travels, reads, does research for his ideas and hits the gym and tennis courts to stay in shape. He came back to Uganda in 2010 to set up roots here. He chose to go into sports which was a passion of his and after realizing it was underdeveloped as well. He started Kinetic Management Group whose objective is to take sports management into another dimension by bringing together the cooperate world and federations the fans.

He started with Basketball when Kinteic group created ‘Friday Night Lights’ which happens annually and currently has the biggest fan base and gathering in town. He says Basketball represents more than the sport, is also a lifestyle that includes, slang, dress codes, personalities and so on. FNL now caters for all the needs of different fans as it brings entertainment, pro players, fans, prize money, food and beverages and so on. His favorite players in the country are Sudi Olanga and Komakech.

If you are wondering why you have seen him in a couple of music videos, wonder no more, he is in love with Ugandan music talent and under his company Kinetic group he now handles talent management for artists like The Mith, Ruyonga, Young Mulo, Habida, Dj Carol and personalities such as Flavia Tumusiime, David Obua and Salvado Idrigo.

Cedric Babu also introduced the ‘five star Friday’, which is a soccer challenge for bars in Kampala. The patrons get to compete among other bars. It was initiated last year 2014.

Read more about Cedric’s journey in the Chano8 current issue here.

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