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Star Profile: Nana Kagga An All Round Dreamer Changing The Face Of Television

Nana McPherson Kagga describes herself as an ‘all round dreamer’ and indeed going by her rich CV that spreads across different professions, she could be more than just that.

Kagga is a force of nature, breaking barriers with her pen and presence. As an Engineer, writer, producer, mother, entrepreneur and wife, she excels. From the TV screen from shows such as ‘CSI New York’, ‘Hitchhiker’, ‘He is not that into you,’ ‘A Good Day To Be Black and Sexy’ and ‘Star trek’ to behind the camera writing and producing quality Ugandan films. Under her whip she is sculpting the next generation of global Ugandan actors.

”I tend to indulge in my passions and also identify things that I think I could do better. The reason I do for example petroleum engineering is because I did a degree in chemical engineering and I have worked in the oil and gas industry so I found myself better suited when Uganda started producing oil and this is an industry that has a lot of potential to change this country’s future. I do directing and script writing because people live in my head”. She explained to Chano8.

Nana Full

Going places; Nana Kagga

Nana who went to Kampala Parents’ School and Gayaza High School before she went abroad for further studies at the University of Birmingham, UK, studied Chemical Engineering and now works for Tullow Oil Plc as a petroleum engineer in the subsurface department. She comes from a family of engineers and her father, Abdu Kagga, is a civil engineer, who owns Kagga and Partners, an engineering firm. 

The former Jam Agenda co-presenter narrates to Chano8 how her acting and TV commercial careers kicked off almost by coincidence though she had always wanted to do exactly that. She has since featured in major TV commercials for brands like Apple, Microsoft, Dove, Pepsi, KFC, Coors Light and Budweiser.

Her latest project, a local production ‘Beneath the Lies,’ promises to be an Ice breaker in the film industry. You can read the full interview with Nana in our May-July issue of Chano8 Magazine or log onto www.chano8.com

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