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I started Singing The Day I Was Born – King Saha

King Saha who is best known for his hit song ‘Mulirwana’ told Chano8 in an exclusive that he started singing right after being born. He said he surprised everyone and her mother when instead of crying, he made melodious sounds to the astonishment of everyone around.

“My mother told me that she knew I would become a singer in future because after giving birth to me I did not cry. Instead I yelled yeeeeaah and made some musical sounds.” Saha told Chano8 when asked to tell us when his music career started.

King Saha (real names Ssemanda Mansur) who recently had successful ‘Mulirwana concerts in Theatre Labonita, Mukono, Entebbe and other places, also told Chano8 in a shocking revelation that, despite being a Muslim, he used to sing in a church choir and was actually one of the best while in Primary School.

King Saha concert

Saha’s Entebbe concert was sold out too

His musical journey started way back at Primary School when he sang in the Mugonga church choir while at St Agnes Primary School. He used to produce the lead vocals and even won a music competition organised to identify talent for the youth.

After winning the ‘Best in Folk song Award’ at that contest organized in Mpigi district, he was offered a bursary to study while paying half of school fees till Secondary School. Although he was also talented in sports particularly football, he decided to settle for music and eventually pursue it as a career that took him through Jose Chameleone’s Leone Island as well as Goodlyfe – Team No Sleep.

Saha Talks

Saha talking to Chano8

His block buster song ‘Mulirwana’announced his entry into the music scene in Uganda and presented him with his best year so far in the business. However, he actually has other very good songs that are also dominating air waves across the country like ‘Signal’, ‘Tonjiwa’, ‘Kampala Anthem, Vimba’ ft Gravity Omutujju, ‘Komawo’and ‘Onkubba’.

Saha says he doesn’t want to be a one-hit wonder like some artists who came so fast and disappeared in thin air and as a result has been working hard in studio churning new hits like ‘Gundezze’, ‘Tamale’ ft Pallaso and ‘Suzaana’.

His amazing story can be found in full only in Chano8 September 2014 Issue here

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