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Stecia Mayanja Joins Kream Production After Leaving Golden Band In Protest

It looks like Kream Production is fast becoming the hub for former Eagles Production Band members. When Hajji Haruna Mubiru quit the band a few years ago, he started Kream Production and most of his recruits were once members of what is now Golden Production or were affiliated to the band.

The latest addition is Hajjati Stecia Mayanja who recently quit Golden Production Band as well as Charles Sekyewa.

Stecia broke the news of joining Kream Production through a Facebook post which she later deleted.

“Asalaam alaykum warahumatullahi wabarakatuh. This poster looks lovely buli anonya mu NEW KREAM PRODUCTION RELOADED gyo nsanga.. no more questions nsaba Allah owekitibwa atuteremu obwangu mu buli kimu atukingirize obubi nobuzibu byona atutase buli kibi kyeyagera atumalire ne byetago byona amen. We’re not intending to hurt anyone but to fulfill our needs and obligations. Love u all.” Read the now deleted Facebook post

This can be loosely translated as “Greetings in Islam, for everyone who is looking for me, I can be found in Kream production reloaded. I pray that God makes it easy for us and protects us as well.”

It’s now clear, Stecia Mayanja is a member of Kream Production

Stecia recently threw in the towel at Golden Production Band, She did not only quit but also spilled their secrets in a long social media post where she poured out her dissatisfaction that the band’s leaders.

According to her explanation, she claimed that her hard work, sweat and sacrifice she had dedicated to the success of Golden Band were paid back by hatred and greed by the band’s music directors which made her encounter a lot of life career challenges

We wish Stecia all the best in Kream Production

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