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Stella Nyanzi Excited About Her Protest Art Exhibition

They always say that ‘no news is bad news’ which implies that however bad a story is, it will always get some feedback. At least Stella Nyanzi, a Makerere University researcher who recently broke the Internet when she staged a naked protest is living the saying after an art exhibition about her started running recently.

The Ekajugo art exhibition at CoSe Gallery in Kamwokya is based on Nyanzi’s protest and it opened on May 21 titled ‘The Fist of Stella Nyanzi’.

Nyanzi 4

Stella Nyanzi (R) Admires the art pieces at the exhibition

Nyanzi artpiece 1

One of the major pieces at the exhibition  

Stella Nyanzi yesterday decided to visit the gallery and was blown away by the works of painter Collin Sekajugo saying that “While there are wide disparities in the responses to my powerful use of nudity and profanity, alongside other symbolic acts such as chaining myself, sealing my lips with tape, and defacing the walls of my oppressor’s office, some artists were inspired to produce amazing artistic pieces,”. Before adding that.

“In the fight against one’s oppression by agents embedded within powerful systemic structures, we use whatever we have at our exposure to fight for our humanness. Use what you have to fight what you have to fight. Fight to win!! I am both delighted and humbled that this particular social justice artist found resonance with my struggle.”

nyanzi 2

In response to Stella’s visit, Collins said that “While some folks might drag this socially motivated gesture into Uganda’s political mud, I am overly delighted that the subject herself honored my invite to the exhibition,”

The exhibition is running until 4th June 2016 at CoSe Gallery which is located in the Weaver Bird Arts Foundation building next to the football field close to Kiira Road Police Station in Kampala and entrance is free.

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