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Stella Nyanzi Hits Back At Father Lokodo

Following the unprecedented incident that saw Dr. Stella Nyanzi who works at Makerere Institute of Social Research strip and share nude pictures on social media protesting the closure of her office earlier today, the Ethics and integrity minister Fr. Simon Lokodo ordered for the arrest of Nyanzi who he says will be charged under the Anti-Pornography Bill which spells a sentence of up to two years for ‘indecent behavior’.

The minister also said that Stella Nyanzi should be subjected to a mental test to establish whether she is “normal” or not before her arrest.

Stella Nyanzi had no kind words for father Lokodo

Stella Nyanzi had no kind words for father Lokodo

But being a woman who seeks public attention, Nyanzi whose gesture led to the reopening of her office has come out and retaliated to Lokodo’s statements saying that he should instead go and arrest Karamajong. “Go and arrest Karamojongs walking naked before coming to me.” She said.

Stella Nyanzi in a protest today stripped naked outside the office of the executive director of the Makerere Institute of Social Research (MISR) Professor Mamhood Mamdani demanding for her office to be reopened and following that incident, she first posted on her Facebook wall that. “I have thrown my clothes outside Prof. Mamdani’s office. I am naked as I cry out for my office”.

Hours after her “naked protest”, Ms Stella Nyanzi was handed the keys and granted access to her office.

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