Style Diva: Samira Tumi’s Glam Look

A long time ago on the streets of Kampala, no one cared who our local celebrities dated and often they also shied away in the shadows these days the celebrity spouses are known as socialites and are held at certain standards.

Samira, girlfriend or should we say fiancee to Weasel AKA Douglas Mayanja has sort of become the queen bee surrounded by her crew of fellow celebrity girlfriends and always dressed to the tens.

She certainly loves some weaves and we are certain no one has seen her with a bad hair day. The beauty about Samira is that she dresses for the occasion and always acts like a lady. She isn’t the babe fighting groupies, or the trashy dancing girl in the club, always reserved and dressed like royalty.

From long dresses to a little mini pink leather dress, she will rock it with style. Her fashion is not over the top but that of a lady that understands what works for her.

To replicate her style, all you need is an average budget and a huge investment in attitude.

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