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“My Story Is Not From Rugs To Riches – A Pass

With his Nva Kampala album dropping soon, A Pass came out and revealed that his story is not from rugs to riches but rather from the person he used to be back in the day to the smart person he is today.

The multi-talented singer shared his story earlier today saying,

My story is from stupid to smart
My story is from who I was to who I am.
So if you hear people from my past speak of me, keep in mind they are speaking of a person they don’t even know anymore.’

A Pass tells his personal story.

A Pass shares his personal story.

There is no doubt that A Pass is on a hot streak following several endorsements from Airtel and headlining huge shows like the Blankets and Wine, Busy Signal, Koshens battle in the past. He is one of those artistes who ooze greatness and it’s only just a matter of time before he takes Africa by storm.

A few weeks ago he revealed to his fans that if his Nva Kampala album is not a success, he will give up on music. According to A Pass, the album is going to be one of the most exciting music albums ever done in Uganda. It will also be a variety of different styles like Reggae, DanceHall, Zouk, Afro-Pop, Afro-DanceHall, Ragga, Rnb and Pop.

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