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Straka Defends Her Age

Veteran Wbs TV presenter Straka Otim commonly known as Straka Mwezi has hit back at people criticizing her age.

The presenter used her Facebook page to pass on a message that she’s 29 years now having started her TV journey when she was only 16 years old.

I started working on TV when I was 16 years old but it looks like my age has become a problem to some peopleI’m 29 years of age at current but some of you saw me when you were young not putting into consideration that I was young as well. I don’t care what age you want me to be because it doesn’t contribute to any of my success in this industry. I’m just making a statement of the fact,” she wrote.

Straka also posted a pic to back up her transformation process from the way she was looking at 16 and she looks now.

Straka defends her age.

Straka defends her age.

The ‘Late show’ presenter also went ahead and encouraged people to go for HIV check up in order to live an HIV free generation. “Live, a free life. Let us all go for check up.”

Straka is the longest serving TV presenter with over 13 years of her face on Wbs TV doing the Late show programme every Thursday from 11pm till 1am

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