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Straka Gives Her Own Version Of The Rent Story

Yesterday,WBS TV presenter Straka Mwezi was held at Bunamwaya police station with her house hold stuff after allegedly failing to pay her rent for a full year worth 5million shillings.

Straka gives her own version of the story

Straka gives her own version of the story

The presenter however told us her side of the story saying her landlord, a one Mr Nsubuga just wanted to tarnish her name because she refused to give in his demands.

“I had traveled to Rwanda for a business trip but my friend who I had left in the house called me that the landlord together with some unknown people were loading my stuff on a truck and when I asked him if they had a court order of which he said they didn’t. They took my stuff to the station and they summoned me to appear the next day. About a month ago, I took money to Mr Nsubuga and he refused it saying he had different plans altogether with me. He later told me we should meet up in a guest house and we talk to which I totally refused. This angered him and promised to pay me back. I’m a respectable lady who doesn’t do such kind of stuff.” Straka eexplained

She also added that she has been renting the house for the past 8 years and has paid over 40 millions in rent.

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