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Straka Held By Police Over Rent Arrears

Long serving WBS TV presenter Straka Mwezi was last evening taken to Bunamwaya police station after her landlord caught her shifting at 3am.

It’s said the presenter decided to shift in the wee hours of the morning thinking no one was watching yet the landlord had her neighbors to inform him if she tries anything suspicious, a thing they comply with.



According to the landlord, Straka has not paid rent worth 5million shs and he was on the verge of confiscating her items soon.

“Straka has been occupying my house for a very long time now but used to pay all her rent in the beginning but didn’t know what happened after. She has been dodging me and I suspected she might disappear so what I did is to have someone have eyes on her and not long, I was told she was shifting at 3am in the morning so I caught her already on pilling the last stuff on a lorry. I’ve left everything to the police to do their work. Just need her to pay me my money the she can gladly go.” He said.

By press time, Straka was still being held at Bunamwaya police station answering several questions.

Straka real names Straka Mwezi presents the late show programme on WBS TV every Thursday from 11 to 1am and is one of the longest serving employees at the Bukoto based station.

She has a bad reputation when it comes to rent because she was also evicted from a boutique in Makindye some years back after she failed to clear rent.

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