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Straka Mwezi To Revive Qute Kaye’s Music


Qute Kaye is one of those artists who was almost made it with his hit song ‘Ginkese’ and then disappeared and no one knew what he was up to. There were moments he was announced dead too. Recently, when the producer Didi  was released off the pornography charge he did announce he was going to work on Kaye’s album so he is back!

Kaye is aware he needs more than an album to return to the music scene and make it, that is why he is now signed to Straka Mwezi, a radio and city Mc who is well known in the industry for her flamboyant style and crazy stage antics. She now is venturing into talent management.


Straka Mwezi did not waste time she has already got Kaye gigs in small pubs and permanent performances wherever she has a show. She had invested in his recording time and now he has even secured a gig with a band at Faze 2.


We cant wait to see Kaye back in full swing.

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