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Straka Told To Work For Free Or Leave WBS TV

WBS TV is really fast losing it each passing day because after the owner and proprietor Gordon Wavamunno was told to step aside and let the station be under receivership by URA, the station has lost half its former employees to rival stations while others have gone ahead to join other businesses. Fresh news form the Naguru based station is that veteran presenter and one of the oldest at the station Straka Mwezi might also be leaving after she was told to work for free.

“After serving WBS for over 14 years, management has decided to pass on its crisis to my fans, my callers and my viewership. With no notice of any kind, my show (Late Show) is subjected to a forceful closure, forceful in a sense that management is forcing me to sign a commitment, that I run the show but with no pay. Really!” .Straka posted on her Facebook wall.


Straka Mwezi has worked for WBS TV for over 14 years

She also added that “This is an unjust and ill-treatment, not to me Straka, but to my fans, callers viewers and advertisers but in these 14 years of TV experience I’ve seen a lot of ups and downs and the storm has never stopped me from bringing out the best in me and I promise it’s not about to. So I plead with my fans friends and family not to give up even when pushed to the wall.” She concluded.

Straka’s reign on TV started more than 14 years and at some point she was the biggest presenter in Uganda, behind the biggest show on TV (Late date) on the biggest station WBS. That was in the early 20s and besides that, she also dated Charles Oyimuke at some point, Gravity Omutujju and Sizza Man. The presenter also owned a salon, a record label and a music band in those 14 years.


TV presenter Straka Mwezi



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