Striking Casual Foot Wear For Him

2016 has been a year for men when you talk foot wear and when you go casual it’s massive. For the trendy guys out there who like to go casual, here are some ideas to rock your weekends and evenings. Shoes say a lot about people’s character so it’s very important that you wear a shoe which is not likely to drag your coolness to the mud.


These can be rocked with blue jeans or coffee brown khakis. You can also match this shoe with a brown jacket


These can be worn on skinny jeans but would definitely rock a weekend out

While heading for a date, you don’t really have to look official, the ladies may think you not only uptight but also boring and too serious. So men you may want to take this casual foot wear trend more serious. The casual shoe that you wear matters a lot, it can either flat your look or kill it but that’s no problem as these fancy casual shoes come in all sorts of colors and style cross cutting all ages.

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