Style Diva: Butera Knowless’ Good Girl Image

Butera Ingabire Jean is better known by her stage name Batera Knowless is a Rwandese music icon who has been rocking the airwave for over 5 years with her 1st album called ‘Komeza’ and 3 more later on.

She has a number of awards under her belt in Rwanda including a Diva Award. Here is something people seem to not to see about her. She is a sweet girl, down to earth and absolutely on live with her family despite the tragedy in their past.


Batera Knowless is simply amazing

Batera Knowless is simply amazing

Her style is more the like ‘The girl next door’ and a similar demeanor. She has the style you want your daughter in law to have. I doubt she has ever ventured in an edgy, trashy or punk rock outfit.

Let dive in, check out a few of our favorite looks from this Rwandese sweetheart. Sometimes you just have to let your style speak from within!

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