Style Diva: Fyona Kirabo’s Style Lights Up The Place

Fyona Kirabo is a well-known make up artist in Uganda, a trade that is quickly rising in the glamorous circles. It fetches some serious zeroes on the cheque book. She is also a celebrity stylist and always is seen next to the beautiful songstress Rema Namakula. To make it in the fashion industry, you have to look it and she does.

Fyona’s style is less about her job and more of her personality. She is a gentle loving soul and INam sure the kind of girl that exudes respect and ambition, yet she retains a sensual vulnerable look.

Trolling her Instagram, we picked up her love for strong colors and big hair. She is a beautiful lady that leaves men drooling for her and it’s not just her dimples and epic smile, but her style too.

She strives to always look professional at all times and even when she is in her casual outfit, she does it with style and minimal fuss.

Her most remarkable outfit that we loved, was the yellow jumpsuit that was trending for a while.

To get her style requires you to have the skill of understanding what goes with what. And how to spice up any ordinary outfit.

Most of her looks can be replicated on a small budget.

Fyona’s Kirabo’s fashion and style in pictures

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