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Style Diva: Getting Sassy With Aron Hilson

In all honesty I didn’t know who this lady was until our good friend Abryanz publicised his nominee list for Fashionista of the year at the Abryanz Style & Fashion Awards . Her name stood out since it’s not one that popularly belongs to a lady. If Aron Hilson aka Shibah is a socialite then she is good at keeping a low profile and not leaving a trail of tabloid mud behind her.

My curious mind led me to her Instagram and I must say blew away. She is sassy and bold to rock a skin tight little dress and still pose calmly without leaving at taste of obscenity in your mouth. She is comfortable in her clothes and has learnt to make a long pencil skirt scream sex appeal and elegance.

As we wait for The Abryanz Style & Fashion Awards voting to begin so I vote for this gorgeous style diva, in the meantime let share some pictures from her social media.

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