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Style Diva: Miss Deedan’s ‘Urban Chic’ Side

It truly amazes me why it has taken me this long to write about this spirited friend of mine and her fun sense of style. If you have listened to Radio City’s ‘The Jam’ then you have heard Miss Deedan’s big and loud voice barring through your speaker. You would expect her to deliver a romantic low tone growling show but No! Deedan is the life of the party, both behind a microphone and on a stage!

Now turned actress is not different with her sense of style. She keeps a lot of things moving both on stage and in her wardrobe but one thing is for sure her style is never BORING!!

It’s no wonder that is on the top of the most sought after public figure to dress on the social scene! She is professional when it comes to clothing and has always ensured the designers she works with get great mileage but also still incorporate her personality in every little detail of her outfit, including her love for hair colour now.

Her persona is her greatest accessory and her passion for everything she does has attained her a crazy huge social media following be sure to check out at the any of her pages @Missdeedan (Instagram) Diana Deedan Muyira (Facebook) She will also be the hostess with the most at Blanket & Wine 15th edition

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