Style Lad: Frank Saiyalel aka Kenyan Stylista Has A Vibrant, Colorful Wadrobe

We are back to Kenya and our guest on Style Diva is an enigma and his sense of style is a bit like colouring out the box. Then again where is the fun in fashion if you aren’t ready to try bold moves.

Frank Saiyalel who goes by aka Kenyan Stylista, is a number you run into if like me you love trolling the web for new fashion ideas and trends. It is obvious he hails from Kenya not only for his name but also the rich culture that is expressed in all his clothing display.

Here are a few things of many things I love about his style;

  1. He is brave as very few macho men will wear more than 2 colors. The Kenyan Stylista is not afraid of colour in many shades too, no matter how bold it is.
  2. IMG-20160817-WA0021    IMG-20160817-WA0025

2.He loves to accessorise. He has opened my eyes to the fact that a man can retain his masculinity and still not look like a hip hop rapper in Jewellery. He loves necklaces, chunky African ones too, rings and hats that normally would be brushed off as a chic thing!


  1. A pocket square and tie aren’t meant for weddings or baptisms only. Many men could pick up on a pocket square which is super important not only the accessories you have if you are going to be on a high table.
  2. IMG-20160817-WA0023
  3. African kitenge craze. this isn’t for the ladies only. there are a lot of item all african inspired that can be fashionable and SO AFRICAN. Try a jacket, pants, a shirt or sandals.

Lastly Fashion is a language so own yours and find what works for you without bending to the traditional ‘normal’ I bet this Kenyan lad has a lot of ladies in his inbox because of his fierce style.



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