How To Style A Multi Colored Skirt

A Splash of color should be exactly what you need to lift you spirits, but it does seem rather complicated to pull off,  Right? We have come up with at least 5 ways to pull off a stylish and fun outfit depending on the occasion.  Where you are wearing this outfit to is key. If you are wondering if you can wear a super bright skirt to work, the answer is yes!


  1. Skirt

First things first you need the skirt. hehe. Now the reason we bring up the skirt because the style is important. Colored pencil skirts are adorable, a round colored kitenge skirt or a free maxi skirt is great. The problem is when you opt for anything in between. The bolder, the better.



  1. Tops

This part is always difficult for us because we are daring and we love to try to put the impossible patterns together just see what works. To be on the safe side I suggest subtle colors

Such as light hues of a single bright color in the skirt. If you are not risky at all, stick to a black and white top. Denim shirts are pretty chic when paired with a multi colored pencil skirt. Now you have all the options close your eyes and pick one.


3. Shoes

No outfit is complete without shoes. It’s key and usually puts the sparkle on the outfit. The shoes you decide to wear are to be mostly chosen according to the function or occasion. To work, we would suggest pumps or closed wedges.  Soft colors are great but so are one bold color. The hard part would be if tried a multi colored shoes on a color adventurous skirt.



  1. Accessories

We are thinking a scarf or swear of single color would be nice. If it’s breezy and you want to throw on a hat for your outdoor event, say Roast and rhyme am sure that flowing long skirt is beautiful. When it comes to bags we are partial to bold colored bags.


  1. Lipstick/ Makeup

We suggest you go with a nude lipstick if you’re going into the office but with a multi color skirt out to the club a dark lipstick is fine. Sunny day out with the family then a nude lip is perfect. Our point is the occasion matters a lot.


At the end of the day, colors are good embrace it and have some fun. It should be great to enjoy your fun and bold side – fashion wise I mean. We can’t wait to hear feedback from you email us on


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