Surprise As Bebe Cool And Bobi Wine Teenage Sons Hangout Together

Their fathers, veteran singers Bebe Cool and Bobi Wine might not be good friends like they used to be in the late 90’s and early 2000’s like they used be for reasons they know better but their sons Alpha Thierry Ssali and Solomon Kampala’s friendship is on another level.

Many of us had no idea that the two were friends until Wednesday evening when Bobi’s son Solomon, 14 took to his official 14.9K followers Instagram account and posted photos of him alongside his buddy Alpha (Bebe’s son) at what looked like a hangout place and captioned them “Just some guys de de on a chill with @ssali_alpha and @_.gahiji._ for a little get together”

15-year-old Thierry, didn’t let Solomon post alone, he also posted the same photos on his 16.8K followers Instagram account with a caption reading “Brotherhood”

A few minutes after the photos of these two teenage boys made their way on Instagram, they aroused hundreds of comments from Instagram users who joined in the same spirit to congratulate them upon their friendship despite the one million dollar fact that their fathers don’t see eye to eye.

Well well well well , now I rest my case cuz the young generation is on track . God bless u two for being a great example to ur generation” commented a one Brians Newton. “May the Lord continue to strengthen ur friendship”said Babie Tiinah

Some people were quick to share their photos on Twitter and the twitter users too were happy about

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