Surprising Outfits Donned By The Gulu University Students At Club Dome

Club Dome hit Gulu for the first time with top performances from Ragga artiste Ziza Bafana, Patrick Idringi Dj Roja, Slick Stauart and Dj Dash. The anticipated event got all the Gulu party goers excited, Gulu university students were the most in the crowd. They showed up in jeans and some in shorts which have long since exited the fashion boards. Okay I get the fact that this was not a red carpet event but at the university going age one must be able to pay attention to their fashion sense because it’s at the peak of their youth, some of these outfits were as surprising as disappointing  Some ladies however put an effort in their fragile fashion sense to look fine and they did.


This lady definitely had a vivid fashion sense, the shorts and the lace were on point


I don’t get exactly what her fashion statement is, what’s with the stockings?


This lady was looking great but the shorts looked a little baggy, however from the jacket to the shoe it was well done


The pipes and crop tops were on point considering it was a night event with the jackets to keep them warm and stylish. For camps students, not so bad


This lady was smart, at least she put an effort to look good but those shoes not so stylish.


Totally disappointing from the make up to that boot



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