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I Surround Myself With Hustlers – Pallaso

Pallaso who recently left his fans yearning for more in the West Nile region said that he sorrounds himself with hustlers. The singer shared a photo with his colleagues and captioned it,

‘I surround myself with hustlers, whether they are book smart, street smart doesn’t matter..Hard work understands hard work.’

Pallaso with his colleagues

Pallaso with his colleagues

A few days ago the self-proclaimed king of the East came out to emphasize that his brand is growing bigger every day.

I have over come all your chains, broken all your walls.and resisted all obstacles because im built like that. It’s interesting how even most trusted papers can write false articles about me and dare to ruin their reputation just to sell, he said and if that wasn’t enough he further went on to say, I hope you made enough sales..I hope your goal was achieved but guess what .. The Pallaso wave is God made.. Who ever kneels infront of God can stand infront of any one. I take you how you come.. If you like me I like you if you dont like me i dont like you..’ he said.

Pallaso has seen his music career gradually grow ever since his he returned from the states. Following the success of the amaaso song, he teamed up again with Radio and Weasel and released sumulula.

Only time will tell how far his career goes but in the meantime we shall keep monitoring his gradual growth.


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