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Swahili Nation Regroups For A Serious Music Come Back

Swahili Nation was a Sweden-based Swahili language R&B and Hip hop music group that was started in the 1990s by Kenyan brothers Andrew Muturi and Robert Muturi and Tanzanian Cool James. In 1992, after Cool James went solo, the group was joined by the Ugandans Ken Kayongo and Charlie “King” Todwong.

The group grew stronger which prompted Nigerian born Dr. Alban to sign them up with his Sweden based Dr Records in 1996. Singer Wayne “Tatz” Beckford from London joined the group and they produced singles “Malaika”, “Nyama“, and “Hakuna Matata”, for which they received a nomination in the Channel O Music Awards in South Africa.

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Through the popularity of “Hakuna Matata” in East Africa, Swahili Nation had a big influence on the use of Swahili language in R&B and Hip hop.

The group disbanded with each member concentrating on individual works but the group has decided to reunite and make a big come back with a single called ‘Local. “We are back into studio and we are working on a new album as Swahili Nation, with Andrew Mturi too. We recently shot a video of our first single (Local) which has been released today. It is actually the first time we are back into studio and we are in Africa. We have never recorded a Swahili Nation product in Africa. I think it is such a great thing to know we can do a professional product here.” Charlie said.

Not to change their identity, the group will still release R‘n’B style of music with phrases that the audience can be able to remember.

When asked if they can catch up with musicians of this generation, Ken Kayongo said “I think this time round we are mature and have no chip on our shoulders. We are not trying to prove anything because we know who we are and what we can do and we are not trying to chase a career. We are in it because we love music and we understand the dynamics of putting a product together. So, we are coming together to put a product together as opposed to rebirth.”

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