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Swahilii Nation, MunG Pull It Off At Diners Lounge

Last Saturday was a memorable one for revellers who made it to Diners Lounge for the Swahili Nation live event. Diners Lounge for a recently opened hangout seems to have taken over Bukoto because by 9:00pm, the hangout was already packed. The artistes of the night were Mun*G and Swahili Nation.

IMG_6433 (Custom)

Killing it on the turn tables is what they did all night

The deejays kept the crowd on its feet till the performances kicked off. By midnight, everyone was in high spirits and as the Mc of the night, Mason announced that the performances were about to kick off, most of the revellers started moving closer to the stage to get good spots to enjoy the performances.

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Tik Twazita from Kunta Kinte Entertainment was the first to perform right before the man himself Mun*G took to the stage with tunes like Byayanga and Follow My Rules. He definitely got everyone dancing with his comic rhymes and at the end of his performance, he called upon Mason Mc of Hot 100 to show off some of his moves which he executed perfectly with a few big boy signature moves.

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Mun*G performs

After Mun*G, it was time to call upon the main acts of the night. Ken Daniels and Charlie King stormed the stage with their and drove the crowd crazy with an energetic performance that highlighted songs like Pole, Mpenzi and their latest song Loco. By the time they performed Mpenzi, everyone was gripped by nostalgia this being the song that brought them to fame. They concluded their performance at 12:30am and from then on, the Dj took to the turntables till morning.

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Swahili Nation put up a good performance

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