Swangz Avenue’s Vinka ‘Loves Only You’

  • Swangz Avenue’s latest signing Vinka released a new song dubbed ‘I Only Love You’
  • It was produced by Washington
  • Her recent song has been ‘In The Mood’ until the release of this
  • It joins other songs she released like ‘Level’, ‘Stylo’ featuring Irene Ntale and ‘In The Mood’

Female Dancehall artiste Vinka is currently one of the hottest artistes at the Muyenga based record label Swangz Avenue. She hit the entertainment scene with the release of her debut song dubbed ‘Level’ and since then she has kept the fire burning with other songs like ‘Stylo’ featuring Irene Ntale, and ‘In The Mood’ which has been her latest until ‘I Only Love You’ that was released Yesterday.

Wrote by Yese Oman Rafiki and produced by Washington, this is a love song in which Vinka expresses the burning and unending love she has for the man of her life whom she cherishes alone with no other aside.

Swangz Avenue’s Vinka drops another song dubbed ‘I Only Love’

‘I Only Love You’ the song

Sang in languages Luganda, English and some little Jamaican Patwa, the 3 minutes and 22 seconds tune with a heavy base starts off with an introduction where Vinka excitedly shouts out her name and her record label’s Swangz Avenue before uttering out the song’s producer who happens to be none but Washington.

She then sings the first verse in which she confesses to her man how she is ready to love him in all generations and she asks him whether it is ok with him because the love she has got for him is boiling. Due to this feeling she got for the man, she needs him to take her out and show her love in return, which is her heart’s desire. On top of that, she is ready to fight other girls who want to mislead him.

In the second and final verse, she continues to tell the man more about herself like how she has been through and seen a lot but she is cooled down by the insane crush she has on this man. In the following lines, she throws in lyrics that praise the man like how he is sweeter that sim sim a thing that forces him to call upon him in her room so that they can make love in the night.

The song is entirely one that tells a story of what a girl feels when she has a crush on a boy and Vinka over emphasizes how she is ready to love the man in all generations, young and old because she really loves him whole heartedly.


This song joins the rest Vinka has released since she announced her entry on to the music scene like ‘Level’, ‘Stylo’ featuring Irene Ntale and ‘In The Mood’ and they have received a good reception from the fans

Listen to or download ‘I Only Love You’ song by Vinka below

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