Sweden-Based Ugandan Singer Rashy K In New Flashy Video

Photos by Martin Bohm (Swedish photographer)

It all began when he was 16 years old after visiting a local youth club studio located in Västerås city- Sweden where Ragga and Hip Hop artiste Rashy K currently lives. From then on, his life has drastically changed to a celebrated artiste pushing his career to greater heights under his own music camp and company called Rashy K Affiliates .

The artiste who is working on his new album dubbed Uganda Sweden Connect, early this week dropped a fresh video for his song entitled ‘Nkulage’ a Luganda word for ‘Show You’. The Zouk tune whose audio was produced at Swangz Avenue in Uganda has for a while had no official video and finally Rashy K unleashed it for the fans to appreciate.


Sweden-Based Ugandan Ragga and Hip Hop Singer Rashy K

About the audio: It’s a love song in which Rashy K tries to tell the love of his life how he needs to show her how much he loves her despite the fact that haters are talking ill about him. The love the girl has for him makes him go crazy and all the things he is doing are to make her know he truly loves her.

‘Nkulage’ the video [shot and directed by Sweden’s Johan Nyström of JN films]

Shot in two places, indoor and in a marshy field, the video starts with a beautiful aerial scene that shows Rashy K moving in a thick flower plantation. Clad in all white, he seems to be moving deep in the field which has a beautiful and cool ambiance. The heaps of rocks and the trees make the whole place look unique and refreshing.

The next scene is where Rashy K is now in a different attire (a black suit), seen sitting on a chair probably waiting for and thinking of his love who is missing in action. The attention then goes back to the aerial shot with Rashy standing on a heap of rocks.


Rashy K in the ‘Nkulage’ video

Although it is a one-man show, the director tries to spice up things by changing angles, colour schemes and costume as well as a scenery of the clips as witnessed in one where Rashy is in a hotel room pulling some gentle dance strokes and a flashing image of the girl he cherishes is seen in the background. Later, the video is concluded with a scene of him sitting on another hip of rocks against a backdrop of a forest and then strolls out of the field.

‘Nkulage’ being Rashy K’s 3rd music video, has a good natural colour balance and its shots are in motion. It was shot on a historical ground in Sweden called Ekeby Gard which has been in existence since 1840’s and the hotel is called Ellite Stadshotellet located in Vasteras city where the artiste stays too.

Some of the scenes in the video



Nkulage’s video director Johan Nyström of JN films doing his work


Rashy K and Sweden’s Johan Nyström of JN films, the video director

rashy2  rashy5 rashy6 rashy8

you can watch ‘Nkulage’ from Diaspora based Rashy K below

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