Swedish-Based Singer Haddy Nana Comes Out Of Her Shells, Promises ‘To Deliver Good Music’

The passion has been burning inside like magma in a volcano but now it is time for up and coming singer Haddy Nana to erupt after deciding enough is enough.

Although she has been singing since childhood, the benevolent young singer has finally this year made up her mind to take her singing serious and music as a career.

Born from Kampala and raised in Mbale, Nana went to Sweden to look for greener pastures and has since been living and working there as a nurse and midwife, as she juggles work with music.

Although it was at high school that she realized she had talent in singing, she kept it to herself since she was busy with school and later work.

It was not until 2018 that the idea of hitting the studio started lingering in her mind but she still stayed put while listening to a lot of different sounds from across the world while practicing by singing to herself.

But now that she feels it’s the right time, she has come out with her own compositions and wants to take the industry by storm. She told Chano8 that she is here to do wonders and not only escort the rest of the artistes that are already established..

“I promise to deliver good music to the world” She said, with her little innocent face beaming with a contagious smile. She is signed under Alex Promotions and so far has recorded two songs ‘Dodo and ‘Ssenkulu’ with rich messages to the world.

In a recent interview she also advised her fans and Ugandans in general to endeavor to focus on planning and saving the little they have for the future in this trying moment as coronavirus epidemic continues to ravage the world and destroy economies across the globe.

She advised them to stay safe by following Ministry of Health and World Health Organization guidelines .

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