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Talent And Fun at Kampala Parents’ School Athletics Competition

Last week Kampala Parents School organised and hosted a fun-filled athletic competition in which four city schools were featured. The competition aimed at strengthening the relationship between the schools and also breaking the monotony of class and homework was a welcome break for the pupils.

Held on the 6th of April, the inter-school competitions where Kampala Junior Academy, Trinity Primary School and Kisule Primary School joined Kampala Parents School, saw youngsters compete in different games and challenges.


Four schools participated in the event


Pupils cheering thier teams in the inter-school competitions

Speaking during the event, Daphne Kato, the Principal of Kampala Parents School applauded all participating teams and thanked them for taking part in the competition.

She said the competition helped pupils to network and build a working relationship with other schools. She added that sports helps pupils shade off stress.

“You know with us we real treasure co-curricular activities. You can keep children in class and they perform well. We provide balanced education.” Kato said.

The activities were not only challenging but also fun too as the pupils from the respective schools enjoyed themselves as they competed in the tag of war, 800m, 400m, 200m, 100m and royal race for both boys and girls.


Pupils take part in The Tag of War

It is in such competitions that, usually talent can be unearthed and nurtured to represent the country at National and international levels where the next Kiproch can be born. At the end of the fun-filled day, Trinity Primary School emerged as overall winners. Kampala Parents School, Kisule Primary School and Kampala Junior Academy finished second, third and fourth respectively.


Kampala Parents’ School came second


The overall winners pose for a group photo

Alex Mayo, a teacher from and Games master from Trinity Primary School said;”I am happy that I have taken this trophy from Kampala Parents School. The success came because we worked hard and came ready for this event. We were the best in most of the games both boys and girls”



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