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Tanzanian President Magufuli participates In Clean Up Drive

By this time so many years ago, Tanzania was celebrating its break away from the colonial masters and the on 9th of December every year, independency day celebrations have always been carried out but new elected president John Magufuli decided to disintegrate the celebrations and all the money allocated to that day to a meaningful cause.

The President just days in office decided that instead of celebrating Independency day, the country should do community work and the move was welcomed by quite a good number of people including Jakaya Kikwete, the outgoing President.


Kikwete along with other ministers from his previous government took to the streets with brooms, hoes and pangas to start cleaning the city as early as 8am. This got others who had second thoughts about the move to also take on the challenge in different parts of Tanzania.

Magufuli didn’t just sit down to order people around. He too was involved in the cleaning process by collecting gabbage that had been piled up. This prompted BBC Africa put a headline ‘Tanzania leader John Magufuli turns rubbish cleaner on independency day’.

Magufuli is trending in Africa lately because of the transformation he has brought about in Tanzania. He banned foreign trips and conferences in private facilities, He diverted funds allocated for independence celebrations and MPs’ feast to development projects and also suspended top officials at Muhimbili National Hospital and Tanzania Revenue Authority barely two months in power.

 Also, parastatals board meetings have been limited to four annually with reduced payments and state subsidies to state owned commercial firms 


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