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Tanzanian Singer Vanessa Mdee In Jail

Photo by Habre Muriisa

In a bid to enforce the drug crackdown in Tanzania, our very own celebrities have also started to fear for their luxurious lifestyles that are usually littered with illegal substances.

Tanzanian songstress Vanessa Mdee who graced us with her talent last year left her fans in shock when she got arrested over a drug investigation.

Vanessa Mdee was among the celebrities mentioned on the list of people using, peddling and engaging in the drug business. The crack down on the drug cartels kicked off early last month.

Vanessa Mdee (Photo By Habre Muriisa of Chano8)

Vanessa Mdee jailed over a drug investigation (photo by Habre Muriisa)

She was picked up while shooting her south African TV series ‘Shuga’, This is her debut into film moreover on an international platform.

Apparently her house was searched and she was tested for drug use even though the results are not yet released to media

On the plus side, Tanzanian artists like Lady Jaydee have reached out and shared their support and love over social media.

We all love her and hope this scandal is resolved as soon as possible.

Vannesa Mdee performing in Uganda (Photo by Habre Murrisa of Chano8)

Vanessa Mdee performing in Uganda last year (Photo by Habre Muriisa)


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