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Teacher Mpamire Celebrates 100k Facebook Milestone

Facebook is one of the social media platforms one can use to reach out to his or her friends. It’s is even much better when one has many friends or followers. For celebrities who have Facebook pages, having more likes makes them feel happy because their information and posts reach out to allot of people.

Talking about that, renowned comedian Teacher Mpamire real names Herbert Ssegujja Mendo was yesterday excited when his Facebook page ‘Teacher Mpamire’ reached 100,000 followers. By the time we went to press, the page had 100,961 likes.

Teacher Mpamire

 Teacher Mpamire’s Facebook page makes 100,000 and more likes

“Teacher Mpamire Facebook page reached 100,000 Students / Followers. I would like to extend a big thank you to each and every one of you. This is one of those days am reminded to pause, take a step back and truly appreciate the magnitude of love you have showed me.” Teacher Mpamire shared the bundle of joy of his Facebook page.

Under Fan Factory comedy group,Teacher Mpamire is one funniest comedians we have in Uganda and his unending jokes have kept him on top and earning him a healthy fan base at that. He is also commonly known for imitating the president of  Uganda and while at a dinner where president Museveni met musicians last year, it was a thrilling time when he imitated the president live an act that cracked HE Museveni to tears.

mendo 1

Teacher Mpamire imitating  president Yoweri K Museveni

“Reaching 100k Followers is an incredible milestone. I feel honoured, grateful and blessed to have you as my students .I pray that the Lord gives me wisdom to do better and please you even more. Thank you so much my Students for the great love.” Teacher Mpamire added.


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