Teacher Mpamire Excited About His First Ever One Man Show In London

Success does not come at once but is gradual process that needs hard work and patience although it has its pitfalls. From the time he put on his comedy switch, comedian Teacher Mpamire has had jaw-dropping performances in and outside of Uganda with a good example being his previous international show that thrilled Malawians at the College of Medicine Sports Complex Hall located in Blantyre City, Malawi in November 2016.

This time around, courtesy of The Great Commission Church-London and Grajoh Talent Management and PR who manage him, Teacher Mpamire is slated for a solo performance in London at the highly anticipated Night Of Comedy Show on dates 29th and 30th April 2017 at    Greats Centre located on 102 Longbridge road and Cherry Orchard Day Centre located on 171 St James’ Road. When Chano8 contacted Teacher Mpamire, he excitedly told us this.

“I have been to UK before and I had a great show in Eastham. My sense of humour is very unique and universal. As a teacher, my content cuts across, I believe everyone has ever been in school so it’s very easy for my audience to tap my joke. I am so grateful and excited. This is my first one man show ever and I am very ready for it. Being in London is even making it a great show for me. My creative team has already started preparing me for this mighty show and I believe this is going to kickoff Teacher Mpamire Comedy tour 2017.” He narrated

Teacher Mpamire

Teacher Mpamire set for his first ever one man show

Mpamire who is one of the top notch comedians in Uganda is very ready for his London fans and promises to teach them until they get tired and ask him to stop

“To all London Students just get ready for Teacher Mpamire Comedy Class. I am going to teach you till you say Teacher Mpamire Stop it. You’re killing us with laughter.”     





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