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It Was Tears, Tears And More Tears At Big Eye’s Ekikumi – Physically Fit Album Launch

Big Eye

Big Eye

Last Friday, Big Eye was overcome by emotions as he broke down several times at his Ekikumi – Physically fit album launch at Freedom City on Entebbe Road.

The house was fully packed by 9:00PM and curtain raisers were keeping the crowd entertained. The likes of Rema, Anita (of the Zero distance fame), DJ Michel Aziz Azion, Fina Mugerwa, aka Masanyalazi and Eddie Kenzo’s Ghetto Kids who wowed the crowd with their dance moves.

However, it was King Saha who almost stole the show when he stepped on stage. The crowd went wild. When he started doing his hit song ‘Mulilwana’, the crowd was on their feet. They sang and danced along as Saha kept running in the crowd, Exchanging hi-fives.

By this time, the crowd was already pumped up and ready for the man of the evening. And then a few minutes past midnight, Big eye stepped on stage together with his Big Music entertainment crew. The entourage dressed in White and waving Uganda flags walked majestically on stage with Big Eye doing an intro song thanking his fans for showing up in big numbers.

When Big eye started working the crowd with his monster hit ‘Mango Juice’ he was overcome by emotion as he was overwhelmed by the love thrown at him by his fans who all wanted a piece of him. Some offering tips while others just kept cheering. He just couldn’t contain it anymore and broke down into tears.

Big turnup for Big Eye

Big turn up for Big Eye

He cried like a baby with tears rolling freely down his cheeks. The band continued playing and his dancers and backup singers tried to keep things flowing but Big eye just continued crying. All he could muster at this point was ‘Webale kuja’ Thanks for coming.

When the MC and some members of his crew calmed him down, he resumed his performance but mostly by thanking the fans for coming. He was visibly shocked and shaken by the big numbers that filled Freedom City to capacity. The fans were equally shocked when Big eye just couldn’t contain his emotions.

And it was not long when he broke down again. This time while narrating his long and painful music journey giving details of the struggle and challenges he faced. He kept asking his parents who were in the crowd whether they could remember the days he used to ask for 1,000/= to go and visit a recording studio while still a student.

By the time Big eye took a break to catch the much needed breath, some of the revellers were getting agitated and uneasy with the way he kept breaking down. By this time he had sang songs like ‘Indicator’ and ‘Phone Busy’ although his performance was affected by the emotional breakdown.

Jose Chameleone who also natured Big Eye from Leone Island then stepped on stage to save the situation as the crowd went mad. Most of the fans abandoned their seats and ran to the front with many taking photos and recording proceedings on their smart phones. Chameleone kicked off his session with ‘Wale Wale’ and then he did ‘Gimme Gimme’, and Bomboclat. A recomposed Big Eye then joined him on stage again to thank him for helping him in building his career and also for turning up for the concert as he was obviously one of the main reasons there was a big turnup.

Big Eye who referred to Chameleone as his ‘big brother’ then broke down again and went on his knees thanking the ‘Tubonge’ singer and all who contributed to his music career. And when Chameleone redid ‘Wale Wale’, Big Eye together with Leone Island members joined in some rare dance strokes. And to really confirm the excitement Chameleone brings to shows, fans started walking out after he finished his performance. By the time Big eye performed his best songs like ‘Ekikumi’ and ‘Physically fit’ most of the crowd had long gone.

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