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Technology has Changed Our Society – A Pass

Ugandan song writer and musician A PASS says technological development in the world economy has changed the economy and has made life easier for the elite. He says the world has become a global village of internet communication and the recent innovations that people are using to quicken service delivery.

“Society has changed. I guess technology is taking over. When you come to think about it the world has become much smaller for most of us because of the many means of communication we have, it is so unbelievable, it’s easy to make noise and almost everyone around the world “or that follows you” listens in this social media age. It’s something most of us have never dreamt of but it is reality and we are living it,” he said on his Facebook page.

The musician also talked about his childhood education memories

“Just looking back at my primary school times; I came to think about how things have changed in my life and in our society. “


A Pass holds the Buzz Teeniez award trophy he won recently

“When I was at school I played with my friends and after school it was just memories, hoping to get back the next day to relive the moment but I had to be patient and wait because there weren’t any social media apps to chat about the moments.” 

“So much cool stuff happened in my life but I could not put it on video because even seeing any of our relatives on TV would make them a big deal at home because TV was so cool only when it was not news. But I never saw any of my relatives on TV, Not even by mistake,” he writes.

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