“The Advert Was A Donation, We Owe Bad Black Nothing” – Government Responds

After threatening to sue government over ‘failure to pay her’ for an advert Bad Black did for Covid-19 ‘Tonseberera’ campaign, ministry of health now responded by saying that the socialite real name Shanita Namuyimbwa voluntarily “donated” an advert to the Ministry of Health and government owes her nothing.

In response government produced a press release which was issued on earlier today, in which the Ministry of Health (MOH) says all key personalities in their adverts including Bad Black have no contractual or financial obligations with government, and their participation is a voluntary donation towards the COVID-19 fight in Uganda.

Bad Black

Bad Black in a notice through her lawyers Musangala advocates and Solicitors, had threatened to sue the Artony General if she is not paid within 14 days by the ministry, claiming the ministry owes her money for unpaid services to the tune of UGX. 500M, for appearing in an advert urging women especially from boarder districts against contracting COVID-19 from male truck drivers.

In addition, Bad Black also claims damages amounting to UGX. 50M, for the ‘inconveniences and anguish’ she suffered upon failure to be paid.

The adverts have been running on mainstream and social media but Ministry of Health says Precision Communications Limited the agency Bad Black claims contacted her to record an advert did it as a media donation to the MOH for free like any other donations that have been going towards the COVID fight.

They say government only paid for airtime on radio, television and digital platforms, but Bad Black’s participation was voluntarily giving back to her country and that the adverts even stopped running.

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