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The Afro Man Spice Divas Crack The Heavens Open On The Opening Night

First of its kind, the Afro Man Spice Show is based on tremendously creative concepts and last night was one to cement that fact. As they opened the three days show, the gorgeous ladies slayed their  performances with their unmatched artistic drama and passion. They staged a radio show but the skill their displayed as they made it visual and full of wit was what meltdown their audience.


While on this staged radio show they discuss relationship dilemmas and managed to kill the relatively small crowd with laughter. The show had interludes of grand acapellas as the beauties shared their powerful vocals generously with their audiences. They painted pictures with their poetry creating an imaginary world full of humor. The beauties also danced for their audience which got them excited.

The performances were accompanied by a talented guitarist who brought in more color to the show. Present on the show was the warm solo called Esteri who happened to be their manager. Very lively and welcoming no wonder the ladies and performances were full of life. Looking forward to tonight, all legs leading to Goethe Zentrum at 7pm Bukoto Street.


The multi-talented vocalists in one of the passionate scenes in staged radio show




The guitarist who electrified the show


The powerful lively lady behind the gorgeous Spice Divas

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