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The Amazing Story Gareth Onyango.. What You Didn’t Know About The Star

Gareth Onyango is widely known for his club management and event organization skills. He is always draped in the latest trends and fashion yet he carries on with a down to earth manner.

Labelled as the biggest club promoter in town, a fashion icon and a public figure to the younger generation, Gareth was born the 4th out of 5 children in Kampala where he has lived most of his life. He went to Newfield Primary School, All Saints Church, Nakasero Primary School, Bat Valley and St. Jude primary school. That was for his primary. He then went to Wanale View in Mbale for O’ level and Standard High – Zana for A’ level and later finished his Journalism diploma at UMCAT.

The amazing journey of Gareth Onyango

The amazing journey of Gareth Onyango

Growing up, he always thought he would be in the army or become a politician little did he know he would end up in the entertainment world.

Before club management you might remember him dancing in Obsessions and when that group collapsed, he left with Micheal Kasaijja to form Kombat dancers, but even then he was yet to be known as an influential individual in the industry. His fame came in when he took over management of Club Rouge, which is located in the heart of Kampala on Jinja road.

Gareth Onyango is a father of 2 girls and is in a very committed relationship with his long time girlfriend and mother of his child, girlfriend Nickita Bachu. He met her in the club and as he says after he got her number through a friend ‘the rest is history’. When it comes to working with Nickita he says it is normal for him and he couldn’t have it any other way, they compliment each other and when it comes to work it is strictly work. He respects her decisions as his colleague and admires her drive which he believes they share in common.

He goes on to say he thinks it is healthy for all couples to work together. They have a beautiful daughter named Kylie who is the center of their world and he hopes with time their family will grow.

When Chano8 asked him about his ideal date Gareth says he is not much of a candle lit dinner guy but rather a club person. He loves an action packed date, maybe after the dinner. He is not a wine person so he will most definitely be sipping on a beer or whiskey. He points out that as much as he was a dancer before he isn’t sure he can still dance seeing as he doesn’t get the time to do so anymore. His hangouts include Guvnor, Spennah Beach and Casablanca.

He is humored by his recollection of how he got into the club business, he can’t help but smile as he narrates his time with Club Rouge, where he started his career in 2005, it was a random day when he was hanging with the owner of the club and friend Abowe Spear when he suggested they do the first ever Bikini night, they thought it far fetched but still they went ahead to try it. It was a huge success and was later turned into a monthly event.

It was then that Gareth was given the role of management and tasked with the role of creating more theme nights and parties to boost the club. Gareth and Nickita not only became the names to throw around in the party society, but also raised Rouge to he standards of the most hip places to hang out in Kampala with the most Glamorous parties.

To read more about his amazing story, check out the Chano8 July issue here.

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