The Angelic-Voiced Tamba Soothes Revellers With Sweet Melodies At Afromix Night With Qwela

Weekends are usually special in different ways for different reasons. Many consider it the moment to party after party. However, for the working class and hustlers, it’s the time to unwind the hectic week and release some of the stress that had accumulated. 

One of such ways to unwind the week is to attend the monthly Afromix Night shows by Qwela Band where music lovers are given a taste of electrifying soulful music experience by the band where they usually host a guest artiste monthly.

Last night served such an unforgettable experience when the Afrocentric band featured the angelic-voiced Tamba Tangaza all evening long at the Bight of Benin Bar and Restaurant in Kampala.

All through the night, Afro-fusion music roared through the dim-lit venue as revellers enjoyed the Tusker Malt Music Lounge moments filled with different flavours jazz, reggae, blues keeping many in a merrymaking mode.

As usual, the band starts with some cool Jazz rhythms to set the mood right and by 9:00pm it was already on course as the revelers, seated in small groups at the cozy African-themed setting settled down from their heavy meaty dinners.

The smartly dressed Qwela Band doing their thing last night at Bight Of Benin Bar and Restaurant.

The band then went straight into some melodious Afro tunes like a Kenyan-inspired song about hooking up a ride in a Mercedes, Saida Karoli’s  ‘Wanchekecha’ and Kanda Bongo Man’s ‘Mukyana’ before going native with their popular Kiga and Ganda tunes.

The icing on the cake was a young lady who challenged band leader Joe Kahirimbanyi to a Ganda cultural dance with the latter a no match as the former wriggled her way into the hearts of the crowd who cheered on.

This Young lady was lively through out the night and challenged Joe to a dance which she won hands down.

Before the guest artiste Tamba Tangaza could step on stage, Tempra Omona one of the first the band featured on the theme night was invited on stage to ‘greet’ the fans but instead almost stole the show with a show-stopping performance of his first hit song ‘Nena Awene’ and the latest one ‘Gulu’ which really got the crowd charged up. They seemed to want even more but it wasn’t his night.

Tempra Omona who was in the crowd made a surprise appearance and wowed the crowd with his songs ‘Nena Awene’ and ‘Gulu’

Tangaza also known as the small girl with a big voice, then took guests by storm as she sang her heart out to songs rooted from within her culture leaving guests overcome with excitement at the mix of instruments and beautiful voices.  The highlight of the night turned out to be the show stopping duet with Qwela performing a couple of fresh songs that got guests applauding with thunderous claps.

She finished off her performance of the night with the catchy and patriotic song ‘Uganda’ which got the crowd teary feeling with nostalgia.

Tamba was the guest artiste of the night and didn’t disappoint her fans and guests who turned up for the show

“Our Tusker Malt Music Lounge experience is perfect for all lovers of live band looking for a delightful musical escape and Qwela continues to steal our hearts with every show. They always keep it real and pure for their fans and we love it,” said Cathy Twesigye, Tusker Malt Brand Manager, UBL.

The monthly Afromix series are now are popular recurring live band show with a legion of fans. It has traversed different venues across the city, playing live band music for their music lovers. The next event is slated for December.

Qwela is a lively seven-piece Afro-fusion band that has now marked 13 years in the music entertainment industry in Uganda. Their unique sound is derived from the fusion of different musical backgrounds of all the members and a shared African cultural background.

Joe and the electric lead guitarist enjoying themselves on stage

Some of the guests enjoying the show


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