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The Artistic Version Of Jose Chameleone

Leone Island boss Jose Chameleone has just showed the world that he is a jack of all trades. Not only is he one of Uganda’s top artistes but he is also an amazing artist among other things.

The singer recently left his fans astonished by how perfectly he can stroke the pencil. He drew his son alpha with so much precision which not only showed his amazing artistic skills but also showed his fatherly touch and affection towards his family.

Chameleone shared the incomplete picture with his fans and captioned it,

Jose Chameleone shows his amazing art skill

Jose Chameleone shows his amazing art skill

I am thankful to God for every ability he gave me by creation. I am doing my son @alfa_mayanja this Pencil Art piece so he knows that I love him and can put him in Pencil. Will bring it here when it’s done. ‪#‎ChameleoneMchoragi‬ ‪#‎freeTime‬ I told you my friends that the power of art is unlimited..

The Mayanja family is indeed a blessed one, it’s no wonder Jose Chameleone has been at the hearts and minds of several Ugandans for over 15 years. His immense talent and tenacity is undeniable, he’s the real definition once you have a dream and work hard towards it, you can achieve it.

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