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The Death Of My Mother Was A Blow For Me.. Gospel Singer Exodus Opens Up

Gospel singer Exodus who recently re-branded himself by shaving off his dreadlocks has come out and said he that the passing of his mother was a major blow for him.

Speaking exclusively to Chano8 about why took long to bounce back on the music the Party Leo star said,

‘My Mum passed two years ago and that was a blow to my mind and it has taken me a year plus to recover. She picked me up from the streets, she has done a lot for me, she’s the reason I am the artist I am today. I was actually on a concert in the US, Boston when I heard the news that my mum passed away in Australia. It Was a blow.’

Exodus talks to Chano8

Exodus talks to Chano8

He further went on to say that, it has taken time to recover from the loss.

‘If you are going through stress, it’s very hard to be creative. If you push yourself to work, you will find yourself doing the same old things. And as an artiste, I just love to challenge myself every other time.’

Have a look at the video interview below to find out more.

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