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The Death Of Sheebah’s Father Unearths Shocking Secrets

Photo by Habre Muriisa/Chano8

At times we should not judge people when we don’t know their childhood history because in most cases, it is people’s history that determines the things they do in future. Some people especially her critics are busy criticising singer Sheebah Karungi for not attending her father the late Mr Ahamada Kimali Musoke’s burial who passed on last Sunday aged 76 and was laid to rest on Monday in Namiyagi village in Buikwe district.

However, Sheebah’s father’s death unearthed some shocking secrets the public didn’t know. For example did you know that by the time of his death, Sheebah’s father had disowned her? The two weren’t seeing eye to eye for the many irreconcilable differences for example Sheebah’s skimpy dress code in music videos and while performing.

It was also reported that in the will the deceased made, he had said that Sheebah should not set a foot at his burial. On top of that, the old man was never happy for Sheebah’s music career and had tirelessly ordered her to stop singing and skimpy dressing because it is contrary to the Islam religion. Sheebah did not buy his idea anyway.

Two weeks prior to his death, Sheebah’s father had called her for a reconciliation meeting of sorts where he wanted Sheebah to apologise but the ‘Nkwataako’singer shunned him a thing that prompted him to disown his own daughter.

Sheebah’s paternal aunties namely Rovinsa Nakinobe and Rose Mbowa wanted to see their elder brother’s daughter come back but the rest of the family said no and a meeting was conducted on how to dismiss Sheebah Karungi from their clan because of her deeds.

However, Sheebah’s mother Edith Kabazungu came out to defend her daughter whom she raised as a single mother even after Sheebah’s father abandoned them to an extent of not giving them a single penny or even paying for Sheebah’s school fees. She dropped out in secondary 2 (s2).

 “After giving birth to Sheebah, Musoke (Sheebah’s father) started ordering me around something I couldn’t take in. We fell out. Even when my daughter was grown and started singing, he used to send orders that she should stop pursuing her music career. Remember, he hadn’t contributed anything during my daughter’s growth. Actually, it’s my husband Lutwama ( Musoke’s brother) who cared so much for her. He even paid her school fees.” Sheebah’s mother disclosed to a local news paper.

Did you even know that Sheebah emerged from a secret affair that saw Sheebah’s father (Musoke Ahamada) having a secret affair with Sheebah’s mother who was a wife to Sheebah’s father’s brother?

 “I was married to a man called Lutwama and we had six children together in Kayanja Buikwe district. One day, my husband’s brother Ahmad Kimali Musoke picked interest in me and our secret affair resulted in a child now called Sheebah. I kept this secret from my husband until I couldn’t hold it anymore. I later opened up to him one day and let the truth out,” Sheebah’s mother added.

It is very unfortunate that Sheebah lost her father before they reconciled but as Chano8 we wish his soul to rest in perfect peace.


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