The Diva Battle Of 2016: Sheebah Karungi Vs Winnie Nwagi

It wasn’t uncommon in 2016 that one on the floor dancing to ‘Nkwatako’ would get invigorated when the DJ would switch vibe to ‘Musawo’ and vice versa. The two were big songs of 2016, from two of the top female vocalists in the motherland. The voices behind these songs, that of funky Dancehall queen Sheebah Karungi and the well-endowed Winnie Nwagi threw many music lovers into a frenzy, involuntarily forcing many to pitch the divas against each other in a battle of who nailed the year.


Sheebah Karungi

The Sheebaholics and Nwagicians kept their allegiance sworn to their respective artiste. The public on the other hand danced away to the various tunes of both, many left as undecided about who carried the year as they were awed. Well, let us shed a light upon the calendar year of both, head to head and see, which diva takes the crown?


Winnie Nwagi


When it came to songs, the two served a unique buffet to the table. Sheebah clearly had more releases including Ndiwanjawulo, Nkwatako, Tonzoleya, Kisasi Kimu, Waddawa, Akkuse but Nwagi’s were qualitative enough to compete and included Musawo, Magic, Kano Kozze. Most notably among Sheebah’s releases was Nkwatako, while Nwagi shook the ground with an equal magnitude through Musawo.

Sheebah also featured New Boy Ykee Benda on the Farmer remix, a song that was another phenomenon throughout the larger part of the evening months of 2016, as well as Omulembe with Aziz Azion on the famed bakisimba beat.Nwagi on the other hand didn’t have any collaborations hitting the waves, which was okay given her solo success.


Sheebah won Best Female Artiste for both Uganda Entertainment Awards and Zzina Music awards, as well as a key nomination on the continent in the Nigerian Music awards.

Nwagi also had two awards to take home, winning Song of the year and Breakthrough Artiste of The Year in the Uganda Entertainment Awards.


Sheebah really had THE concert of the year, in the words of many music lovers. Her Nkwatako Album Lauch at Hotel Africana on 2nd December 2016 will remain etched in the minds of many, having many sponsors, a big turn up, and best of all, selling out.

Winnie didn’t hold any concert last year, mainly because she still has just a few years on the scene. Like Sheebah, she could be taking her time and hopefully when it comes, it will be just as big.


The two ladies’ success earned on the music scene caught the attention of many companies which brought them on board as brand ambassadors and product faces. Winnie Nwagi has been ambassador for Pepsi alongside Mun*G, while Sheebah Karungi on the other hand has featured for products like iDROID and was an ambassador for Africell.

A closer look at the 2016 careers of both shows that there was a brooding competition between the two ladies. As you walk in the streets you will hear a phrase like “2016 was Sheebah’s year”. Well we provided the statistics, you should be the judge.


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