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The Elegance Of Juliana Kanyomozi.. More Than What You Knew

They’re very few artists who fit the words exceptional elegant like Juliana Kanyomozi. She’s absolutely stunning and it’s no wonder some fans refer to her as Uganda’s darling because of the way she carries herself and her great outlook on many things. It’s very unlikely that you will ever hear that Juliana Kanyomozi is involved in a war of words with another artiste, she just oozes charm and poise.

It was only last year when the songstress lost her beloved son, but the way she has bounced back, many fans can’t help but be happy for her. With God’s grace she found a calmness within herself, it’s no wonder she’s back to doing what she knows best and that’s music.

Apart from music, Juliana has been a source of hope and a voice for children in Fortportal who she helps through her charity school that’s aimed at training them how to eradicate poverty.

‘Girls who have not gotten an opportunity to go into a classroom or maybe the parents can’t afford it anymore. This is because the more I visited Fortportal, the more I noticed that there were so many girls just sitting by the roadside or by the shop helping their mother and I felt there is something I could do especially for the girls where I come from,’ she told Chano8.

Juliana Kanyomozi just looks exquisite

Juliana Kanyomozi just looks exquisite

The highly talented singer is also an extraordinary fashionista who turns heads, not that she intends to, but people are usually taken by her beauty and recent photo shoot has done nothing to prove otherwise. Words to define it seem to be elusive but the one thing I can say is mind blowing.

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