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The Fast Rising B2C Music Group Opens Up

The B2C music trio comprises three young talented artistes who are working hard to make a mark on the music scene in Uganda. The group was established in 2013 and has since stayed strong together as they aspire to be one of the few last surviving boy band groups. The trio who are all 23 years old have a history having been tight friends for a very long time sharing the same passions and dreams in music.

Chano8 tracked them down for a one on one to discuss their music journey so far. 

Who is B2C?

B2C is a musical trio which stands for Born 2 Conquer. It consists of Mr Lee, Delivad Julio and Bobby lash. We are quite new in the industry so you could say we are the new kids on the block. We got together in 2013 just to make good music. There are very few boy bands in Uganda’s music industry so we are doing something different. B2C has 3 members ,Mr Lee  whose real names are Mugisha Richard, Delivad Julio( Kasagga Julius) and Bobbylash (Ssali peterson). Coincidentally we are all the same age. Just 23 and no! the criteria for our group wasn’t the age hehe!!!!!!!

They do have a sense of style

They do have a sense of style

How did the group get started?

We have a long history. You won’t believe it but we have been friends since forever. our friendship and brotherhood started all the way back in school. We have gotten closer and one of our shared passions was always music. When it came to music and how we perceived it, our ideas were similar and also complimented each other. Our aspects put together made sense. We aligned our goals and it was an easy decision to get into music together. It was all exciting and we didn’t see anything that could stop us, that is how B2C was formed in 2013.

The B2C Music group

The B2C Music group

What genre of music does B2C do?

We are flexible. It is easy to focus on only one way of doing music, but takes alot of hard work to master more than one way. It is challenging but also rewarding so we like to keep it interesting. We have done a number of genres such as RnB, Reggae, Ragga, Zouk and Dancehall. We try our best to always be versatile. That way we can reach various listeners with various tastes and preferences.

Which artists in the East African region inspire you?

We are blessed to be surrounded by many talented people in Africa and East Africa. Locally, here we have artists like Goodlyfe who have stood the test of time and stuck together. In East Africa, the boy group of Sauti Sol is inspiring and the music they make speaks for itself, PSquare and many others. We are inspired by great music and the artists that never gave up and stayed true to their music.

B2C Trio in a recent video shoot.

B2C Trio in a recent video shoot.

Tell us about your music so far? so far we have 3 major songs.

‘Wansensera which has moved places and is doing so well in many parts of the country like Lira. We also have ‘So Fly’ and ‘Ebyokunkyawa’ which haven’t had alot of airplay yet. We are working on alot more so it’s too early to be picking favourites. we have done all our music at Badi Music studio under producer Nessim, he is one of the best in the industry.

What have you achieved as a trio that you think you wouldn’t have achieved as solo artistes?

We have come from far. We used to have an idea but now we are living that which was just an idea. We have great management under Andy Boss. He is working so hard to see that we get somewhere. We have managed to go to shows we never expected to go to. We recently performed at King Saha’s show at Freedom City. The best part is we are a team, we don’t get to shoulder our obstacles individually.

Which people have helped you get where you are now?

First off we give credit to Badi Music. We were performing at a certain club when Isa, the manager of Badi Music noticed our talent and invited us to come and record at Badi Music Studio. That is when we met producer Nessim who really guided us and has been of help in our musical journey. we owe alot to Badi Music.

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