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The Girls Coffee Talk Is Back

The Girls Coffee Talk is a social bi-monthly event meant to promote positive talk among ladies and girls on issues affecting them within their communities, through empowering each other to empower others. Girls gain knowledge from a particular topic, listen to inspirational stories from fellow colleagues, and create networks amongst themselves for entrepreneur and social support. The event involves couch guest speakers that are well-versed with different issues that affect women. Through this, the girls are tasked to empower other girls to impact their lives socially and economically.

“The Girls Coffee Talk”, is meant to inspire, empower and support girls and women to become confident to fight the issues affecting them. The event will be held on 10th March 2016 from 4:00pm to 8:00pm at US Mission Kampala (Information Resource Center), with presentations from couch inspirational guest speakers. We will have a platform to network, live social media interactions, and live music entertainment, ladies sharing their opinions and stories and discussions on sexual harassment at the work place.

the Girls coffee talk will be about sexual harrassment

The Girls coffee talk will be about sexual harassment

The speakers this time are, Susan Nsibirwa (Marketing Manager New Vision),  Mrs. Mushabe Elizabeth (Chief Operations Officer SMSOne (U)Ltd), Namara Charity ( Plan Uganda, YALI Fellow) and Daisy Munyana/Winnie Narweba ( Lawyer and activist.


Some of the participants at the previous event

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