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The Highly Anticipated ‘Tonoonya’ Collaboration Between Desire Luzinda, Radio And Weasel Released

The highly anticipated ‘Tonoonya’ collaboration between Desire Luzinda, Radio and Weasel has finally been released. The video that dropped two days ago, is already receiving massive fanfare as several people keep sharing it on their social media channels while others keep running to the YouTube channel hence the increasing number of views.

Tonoonya is about a cheating man (played by Weasel) who was caught by his girlfriend and thrown out the house. That’s where the meaning of the title comes in,’Don’t look for me.’

Having seen the video, it’s only safe to say that the Ugandan music industry has pushed its stature a notch higher. The quality of videos keeps getting better by the day so expect to be stunned with the video below.


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