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The Kampala Beer Festival Happening Soon

The Kampala Beer festival second edition is finally around the corner and it’s giving everyone 10,000 reasons to turn up for the highly anticipated event.

The Kampala beer festival, which will take place next month November 28th,  at the Uganda Museum, is the talk of town with everyone who is of drinking age (18 years and over) excited about the beer games and the low price of beer.

The Kampala beer fest happening soon.

The Kampala beer fest happening soon.

With more sponsors coming on board for the event, it’s safe to say that the event is bound to top last year’s event which saw people turn in big numbers. Beers were at half price and several people did something out of the ordinary as they went tasting different beer brands just because they could afford it. Others indulged in drinking games like beer pong and beer chugging.

You can’t afford to miss the Kampala beer festival come the day.

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