The Ladies Who Had The Best Of 2018 In The Entertainment Industry

Last week, we ran a report of the men who ruled the entertainment industry by making news and being relevant to the general public. This week we look at women who equally had a good year and featured in the news stands for different reasons.

Back in the day, it was just a few ladies who had earned their way to the top in the music and entertainment industry in Uganda. You would only hear of Juliana and Irene Namubiru but this year unlike before, we have some resilient, focused and hardworking female artistes who have positioned themselves on top of the entertainment scene.


Vinka is the best example that with good management, an artiste can find her way to the top. She has been among the few artistes in Uganda to have climbed to the top in the shortest time possible. Having been in management before, Vinka was taken to studio and within just months she was in the limelight as her songs started dominating airwaves. This year alone, she has dominated the industry with songs like ‘Chips na Ketchup’, ‘Mapozi’, ‘Omukwano gwo’ and ‘Tubikole’ featutring Fik Fameica. She has recently been awarded in the Abryanz Style and Fashion awards for having the most stylish video and getting other nominations as well.

Lydia Jazmine

Lydia Jazmine is among those artistes who are so talented but have not yet made that monster leap. She has been in the industry for some years now but gets little credit for her efforts. However, this year, she has at least been able to put her head above the rest especially musically. Her ‘You and me’ song in which she features Daddy Andre is contending for song of the year, while others like ‘Jimpe’ and ‘Drum’ have tremendously done well during the year. Besides her music, Jazmine has also been credited for her fashion sense this year and inspired many young girls in the process.

Spice Diana

She doesn’t appeal to quite a number of people in the A-class crowd, but Spice Diana through hard work has found her way to the top this year especially with the ‘down town’ crowd. She has been making headlines both for the good and bad reasons and most notably, her 32-point-score mistake that she made live on air after which she went ahead and recorded a song off it. Since then two weeks could not pass by without Spice Diana in the news and despite the public doubting her talent, she has been one of the most hired female musicians this year not to mention her songs like ‘Nsowela’, ‘Twebereremu’, and ‘Sente zakameza’ among others that have been requested often on air and played in clubs.


It was this year that Fille held her first ever concert in her career and it was a successful one as golf course hotel got full. It was quite a surprise as she thought she had punched way above her weight. This success gave her determination and she decided not to leave 2018 the same again. She has been one of the most consistent this year and unlike before, Fille with the help of her boyfriend and father of her child MC Kats, managed to have back to back hits in ‘Sabula’ and ‘Love again’ that have gone ahead to be among the best songs in 2018. She even had a European tour to add on her achievements.


For the fifth year in a row, Sheebah has done it. She has been among the top five Ugandan artistes and this year, that hasn’t changed. The Team No Sleep musician recently had a sold out concert at Africana after two years, her Mummy Yo video is among the best this year and not forgetting over three hits in ‘Beera Nange’, ‘Omwoyo’, and others that she released to sum up the year.

Quinn Abenakyo

She is definitely not a musician but Quinn has to make our list of top performing females in 2018 in the entertainment industry. The reigning Miss Uganda has just made history when she emerged among the top five contestants vying for Miss World beauty pageant held in China a few days back in which she came number three. As if that wasn’t enough, she was also crowned Miss World Africa as well. With these two, she is the first Ugandan to ever achieve that feat out of the over 23 beauty queens we’ve heard before.. She is a late entrant and the only one outside music, but deservedly so.

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